Takapuna Beach Cafe

To start off the long weekend, my sister and I headed over the shore to Takapuna to try the cafe by the beach (literally). I think sometimes we take New Zealand weather for granted, it’s so amazing everyday – most likely the best summer I’ve had so far.

The cafe was crazily busy given the weather, the long weekend and the Kiwi way of life. We were given a buzzing lobster on arrival that would alert us when a table was ready – very convenient!  As many have said before, the service at this cafe is indeed impeccable. No matter how busy, there is someone that remembers where you are, what you wanted, and whether you’re doing okay with everything. I ordered the fish burger whilst my sister had the rosti. The fish was incredibly fresh – I guess I don’t have to make a trip down to the Mount for some good fried fish. It has excellent ambience and the best view you could ever ask for!

The Plate starstarstarstar

The Taste starstarstarstar

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The Money starstar

Our table wait :D

Our table wait 😀

Hope they don't mind it goes for a swim!

Hope they don’t mind it goes for a swim!

House Lemon, Ginger & Honey Brew

House Lemon, Ginger & Honey Brew

Berry smoothie

Berry smoothie $8

View from where we were sitting

View from where we were sitting

Beer battered fish, hand cut agria chips & tartare sauce

Beer battered fish, hand cut agria chips & tartare sauce $25.50



Crisp agria rosti, baby spinach, feta, free range poached egg with samon

Crisp agria rosti, baby spinach, feta, free range poached egg with samon

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We stopped by Little and Friday – Takapuna to finish off the day. The hazelnut cake I believe was made with Ferrero Rocher in mind haha. Yum.

Hazelnut cake from Little and Friday-Takapuna

Hazelnut cake







Coffee club – Sylvia Park

Christmas time soon!



Coffee Club is a mess. They used to be a decent and easy go-to spot whenever I visited Sylvia Park, close to the cinema and great for having lunch in-between shopping. My visit this time round has really put me off however. The service, or rather the lacking of, was appalling. The tables were a mess. The cutlery was a mess. The food was a mess. The drink was a mess. I hardly think I am being demanding here when all I needed was to have a cleanly wiped table, the waitress to have some memory of what I asked for and plates and cutlery that were not still wet. The food we ordered included Cajun Chicken with some very limp salad leaves and a strawberry smoothie that didn’t have enough taste in it. Having said all this I still love their potato wedges, and possibly their salmon and cream cheese sandwich – though i can’t say for sure because I haven’t tried it in a while. It can be fair to say though that I won’t be back in sometime.

The Plate star

The Taste star

The Shine star

The Smile star

The Mood starstar

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Velvet Burger

To celebrate the last of my exams for 2012, I met up with two of my friends and we headed to Velvet Burger down at Fort St. People have been raving on about this place so I was keen to finally try it.

I find whenever I try a new place, my first instinct would be to select their ‘signature’ dish – first impressions are important and it also takes a lot of persuasion for me to revisit a restaurant that I didn’t have a good experience with at the beginning.

Naturally I went for the ‘Velvet Burger’ which had Venison, Salad, Grilled Pineapple, with Chilli Mayonnaise and Velvet Relish. The burger turned out to be incredibly big (they supply forks and knives if need be), the pattie was good and the chips were particularly crunchy. Overall a very, very filling meal.

The Plate starstar

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The White Lady

This Auckland gem is always parked around Fort Lane in town and I’ve heard they have another one of these fancy trucks in Newmarket too. There was quite a handful of people waiting by the kerbside even on a normal weekday. I tried the Hawaiian Burger with added bacon (who can’t resist some good crispy bacon) and it was well worth my $10.90. The chips and shake were of a poor standard though. Standing and eating on the street somehow gives the whole meal that extra touch – don’t get me wrong, I appreciate dining-in very much but this burger just wouldn’t taste the same in a restaurant. I definitely recommend a try, even if you aren’t a very keen street food eater, at least once and you won’t regret it. Steer clear from the sirloin, their patties are the best and beware of the attacking pigeon!

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The Taste starstarstar

The Shine starstar

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The Mood starstar


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