Coffee club – Sylvia Park

Christmas time soon!



Coffee Club is a mess. They used to be a decent and easy go-to spot whenever I visited Sylvia Park, close to the cinema and great for having lunch in-between shopping. My visit this time round has really put me off however. The service, or rather the lacking of, was appalling. The tables were a mess. The cutlery was a mess. The food was a mess. The drink was a mess. I hardly think I am being demanding here when all I needed was to have a cleanly wiped table, the waitress to have some memory of what I asked for and plates and cutlery that were not still wet. The food we ordered included Cajun Chicken with some very limp salad leaves and a strawberry smoothie that didn’t have enough taste in it. Having said all this I still love their potato wedges, and possibly their salmon and cream cheese sandwich – though i can’t say for sure because I haven’t tried it in a while. It can be fair to say though that I won’t be back in sometime.

The Plate star

The Taste star

The Shine star

The Smile star

The Mood starstar

(you can check out what each category means in the ‘Food ratings’ page tab!)


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