Britomart Country Club

A while back I bought a coupon from an online deal site. It comprised of a high tea session for two at a grand total of $24 (an excellent price I have to say) at none other than the Britomart Country Club. I was very drawn and keen for this because I had passed the place numerous times (as you can probably tell I am a great fan of the newly developing Britomart precinct – it’s new and exciting and incorporates so much of the kiwi way-of-life) and I could always see the unique decor from the door.

Evidently, the thing I like best is the interior: the artificial grass, the centre bar, the shed kitchen and the concrete walls seem to match perfectly, and rain or shine, you could still experience the ‘outdoor’ atmosphere.

Funny thing was, when the set arrived my friend and I could not see what delicious food was placed on the top plate (and we aren’t particularly short or tall for that matter) which is odd because surely we should be able to see what we eat prior. It bothered me, but of course it was not some life-threatening situation. The best treat of the entire set for me was the red velvet cupcake, just the right size, softness and flavour. I did note that dishes passing by were very appealing, so a mental note to come back and try some of their mains, but I am defintely not sold on this grabadeal.

The Plate starstar

The Taste starstar

The Shine starstar

The Smile starstar

The Mood starstarstar

(you can check out what each category means in the ‘Food ratings’ page tab!)


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