White’s & Co

I first heard about the opening of this new yoghurt store from The Denizen and was a bit unsure (because Auckland is currently amidst a crazy yoghurt frenzy). None of the other yoghurt places in town appealed to me a great deal, they were okay but they weren’t over the moon for me, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give this one a go. The yoghurt was amazingly rich, there isn’t an expansive range of flavours, but it’s all you need. Mango, I cannot get enough of. The portions are generous in my opinion – the one I ordered was a small + two toppings. Whilst Kiwiyo and the likes are convenient, fun self serve stores, if you are looking for something of better quality for just those few extra dollars, this is it!

(I’m still a rookie in photography so bear with me while I test out the settings on my camera) 🙂

The Plate starstarstarstar

The Taste starstarstarstar

The Shine starstar

The Smile starstarstar

The Mood starstarstar


(you can check out what each category means in the ‘Food ratings’ page tab!)


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