The White Lady

This Auckland gem is always parked around Fort Lane in town and I’ve heard they have another one of these fancy trucks in Newmarket too. There was quite a handful of people waiting by the kerbside even on a normal weekday. I tried the Hawaiian Burger with added bacon (who can’t resist some good crispy bacon) and it was well worth my $10.90. The chips and shake were of a poor standard though. Standing and eating on the street somehow gives the whole meal that extra touch – don’t get me wrong, I appreciate dining-in very much but this burger just wouldn’t taste the same in a restaurant. I definitely recommend a try, even if you aren’t a very keen street food eater, at least once and you won’t regret it. Steer clear from the sirloin, their patties are the best and beware of the attacking pigeon!

The Plate starstarstar

The Taste starstarstar

The Shine starstar

The Smile starstarstar

The Mood starstar


(you can check out what each category means in the ‘Food ratings’ page tab!)


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